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Mosby's Men Ride 2009

In celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the creation of Fauquier County, Virginia


In celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the formation of the Black Horse Cavalry

Preparations for the Ride by members of the Civil War reenacting unit that portrays the Black Horse Cavalry
a Virginia militia unit prior to the Civil War from Warrenton, Virginia
later to become Company H. of the 4th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
Fourth Regiment Virginia Cavalry, Inc.

NOTICE: Ride shortened by weather. (added 9/30/09)
Although participants in the ride know, for those interested that may not already know, the Ride was shortened because of weather. After the parade and after lunch on Saturday, while still picketed at the National Guard Armory, it began to rain alternating between a drizzle and a hard rain. We were advised that the weather forecast was for the rain to continue through the day, evening, and into the night with over 2 inches expected to fall. (Apparently the forecast was correct as the area did receive over 2 inches of rain). If we had continued we would have arrived at the dinner area completely wet, had to wait wet for darkness, ride in the dark through wet woods, try to keep torches lit as we rode the length of Pignut Mtn. and arrived well after dark in wet clothes without dry replacements.
Although we could possibly have gotten all of us in the barn (that the owner's had so carefully cleared just in case), we would still have been wet. Clearly there was a probability of riders becoming sick from the conditions.
Horses might have slipped on the wet slopes we would have encountered and either horses or riders might have been injured some distance from where emergency personnel could reach us via vehicle.
Although we were mostly riding through areas of property that we somewhat remote, some portions went across owner's lawns and other places that with wet ground would be damaged by the feet of almost 100 horses passing.
Although it was a hard decision, all the commanders agreed that the balance of the ride had to be cancelled and we shuttled drivers to Great Meadow to pick up their rigs. We were tired and sore as we returned home but grateful for the welcome that the people we had been able to see gave to all riders. We regret that those on the balance of the route were not able to see us what was probably the largest number of Cavalry riders assembled in the area since the Civil War. We also regret the preparations many did in anticipation of the ride that we did not use. Thanks to all that participated and to all that helped.

Photos of the Ride: (added 10/1/09)
Photos taken by Janet Pastrick (one of the riders riding as a scout) are available on this site. She has copyrighted such photos only to prevent commercial use. You are authorized to download any photos you wish and use such as you like (including putting on a website) with or without credit to her so long as you make no charge for such photos. In other words, you can use for free so long as you do not charge others for what is given you for free.
To view the photos, go to the website and click on "Photo Album" then on "2009 Mosby's Men Ride" to view the photos (or go direct: and click on any thumbnail image to open the larger version.
Anyone that has photos they wish to contribute on the same terms may email such to [email protected] with the statement above as to their use.

Bounty: (added 10/1/09)
We had some last minute expenses (for example, some meal providers backed out at the last minute) and we wish to think all those riders that registered early ($20) and later ($30) but declined the bounty of $20. Please don't now ask that any bounty you failed to collect be mailed to you. It would ruin our financial calculations and be a logistical nightmare.

LOST and FOUND items: (added 10/1/09) Remember that you were advised: "If it is loose and/or not marked, it is your own fault should it get lost". But certainly it is our intent to try to get all items to their owner.
FOUND/Recovered items:
Black Saddle Bags - Mike Luke - 35th VA Cavalry - will return at Cedar Creek to him or his representative
Haversack - Maynard Riddle - will return to him at Cedar Creek
rolled Blanket - David Chirico ? - will return to him at Cedar Creek
Bedroll - owner unknown
Keys - owner unknown - (found at Friday night camp) Chrysler make?
Clicker - owner unknown - (found at Friday night camp)
anything else lost ? - please advise if you are missing anything else
To pick up items at Cedar Creek, come to the camp of the Black Horse Cavalry and check with QM Bill Scott.
Items reported LOST but not YET recovered:
Tin cup - left at Presque' Isle ? - anyone recover or have any knowledge of location of a cup that is not theirs

Downloadable files:


     Registration FORM in PDF format Click here         last revision 8-01-09
     Registration FORM in MS Word   Click here          last revision 8-01-09
     Liability Release FORM - PDF      Click here          last revision 8-01-09
     Liability Release FORM - Word    Click here          last revision 8-01-09

     Directions to Start point  - Word    Click here          last revision 9-17-09     Presque' Isle

     Letter of Instructions       - Word   Click here           last revision 9-18-09

     Picture of house - Presque' Isle     Click here      Cira 1823      (if not working yet, see below)

This information is subject to change,. Last edited:Thursday, October 1, 2009. For further information by email: [email protected]



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