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The 4th Virginia, Company H is a group of living historians established for the purpose of challenging our horses and each other in accurately reenacting and honoring cavalrymen of the past.

Specifically, we want to learn about the American Civil War and present a proper historical interpretation of our unit, honoring the original Black Horse of Fauquier County and the brave men who fought in it.

This is a cavalry unit. We equip and train ourselves as authentic, disciplined Confederate cavalry. Above all, we consider ourselves a band of brothers and hope that the friendships we build here will last a lifetime. Comprised of plumbing technicians, lawyers, doctors and the like, members of the unit was founded in 1972 and currently has 30 members with 4 new recruits.

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What's Involved In Cavalry Reenacting?
Read our guide for prospective members for information on the kind of events we do, what drill entails, standards for arms, equipments, tack and uniforms and riding skills.

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